MN Vekst AS

Reference: NO2018-058
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2018-10-01
Expiration date: 2021-10-01
Scope of Services: VTA, AFT, ARR, Arbeids-og aktivitet, lærekandidater
Number of Service Users: 98
Number of Staff members: 23
Overall score:

Address: Akslavegen 5,
Contact Person: Kåre Aalberg


«MN Vekst AS was founded in 1988 as a VTA-company (Lasting Supported Employment) owned by Namsos muncipality, Flatanger muncipality and Namdalseid muncipality, who have later come in as owners. The company today have agreements with NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) offering VTA (Lasting Supported Employment), AFT (Preparation for Emplyoment Training) and ARR (Occupational rehabilitation). In addition the muncipalities finance places on «Arbeid og aktivitet» (Work and activity). The company has time limited agreements for apprentices/Apprentice Candidates (apprentices with lower compentency) and «Work for Social Security». At MN Vekst today, there are 30 employees, 32 employees on VTA-terms, 20 participants on AFT, 40 participants at the Work and activity-section, 4 Apprentice Candidates, 1 apprentice and 6 places for «Work for social security.

Description in native language:

MN Vekst AS ble etablert i 1988 som en VTA-bedrift eid av Namsos kommune. Flatanger kommune og Namdalseid kommune har seinere gått inn i bedriften som eiere. Bedriften har i dag avtaler med NAV med tiltakene VTA , AFT og ARR. I tillegg finansierer kommunene plasser "Arbeid og aktivitet" . Bedriften har tidbegrensede avtaler for Lærlinger/lærekandidater og "Arbeid for sosialhjelp"


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