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The EQUASS Newsflash is published four times a year and features the most important developments and achievements of the EQUASS system. The Newsflash is distributed to all certified organisations, EQUASS auditors and consultants and all those who have expressed an interest in EQUASS or the issue of quality in social services. The past issues of the Newsflash are available in the archive.

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EQUASS Annual Report

The EQUASS Annual Report summarises the main developments and activities of the EQUASS system in the past calendar year. The report gives a comprehensive overview of the certifications awarded, of the work of the EQUASS Local Licence Holders and of the activities and events undertaken during the year, including in the framework of European projects. Part of the report is also dedicated to quality control and complaint management. Consult  in the archive the past issues of the EQUASS Annual Report.


EQUASS has published its Annual Report for 2017




pdfEQUASS Annual report 2016


EQUASS Annual Report 2015


EQUASS Annual Report 2014


EQUASS Annual Report 2013



EQUASS Reports and Studies

EQUASS has published various reports and studies. Research centers and universities independent from EQUASS have also produced research about EQUASS over the years.

Here is a sample of the most relevant ones:

Compendium of inspiring practices

pdfRights and Ethics in Practice - November 2017


Cross-reference studies about EQUASS

The Cross Reference vEQF report describes the results and details of cross reference study based on the content details of the Voluntary European Quality Framework for Social Services (VEQF for SS) (Social Protect ion Committee, 2010) compared with the content details of the certification programs of the European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS).

pdfEQUASS / vEQF Cross Reference Study (2012)

pdfCross-reference study on EQAVET (2012)

pdfCommon Quality Framework for SSGI (2010)

pdfCross reference study Swedish SOSFS 2011-9 (2013)


Other studies and publications about EQUASS:

pdfDisability and Health Journal 2013 - Vassilios Dimitriadis

pdfImpact study of the EQUASS Assurance certification in Estonia (2014)

pdfEN Summary - Study of EQUASS in Norway (2014)

pdfNO Full Report - Study of EQUASS in Norway (2014)

pdf ICQEM Paper - EQUASS Assurance Certification: The View of Pioneer Adopters (2016)

Impacts of EQUASS Assurance on Social Service Providers: Results from a Survey. Managerial Report, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu (2016)

Impacts of EQUASS Excellence on Social Service Providers: Results from a Survey. Managerial Report, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu (2016)

Motivations and benefits of quality management systems in social services: mediation of the implementation process, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu (2019)



Articles about EQUASS

pdfHomeless in Europe - FEANTSA Magasine - Spring 2012

pdfAPQ Qualidade Magasine - Winter 2012

pdfSotsiaaltöö article - issue n°4 2013 (Estonia)

pdfSotsiaaltöö article - issue n°6 2013 (Estonia)

EQUASS Brochure

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