Axello AS

Reference: NO2022-036
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2022-12-09
Expiration date: 2025-12-09
Scope of Services: AFT, VTA, ARR og Avklaring
Number of Service Users: 230
Number of Staff members: 37
Overall score:

Address: Langbakkveien 24,
Contact Person: Silje Solberg


Axello AS is the region's largest supplier of work inclusion services, primarily commissioned by NAV. We help jobseekers find work and have broad expertise in career guidance, resource mapping, follow-up and various forms of vocational training and facilitation. We are a supplier of the VTA initiative, primarily at locations in Lødingen and Evenes. Job search courses, work-oriented Norwegian training and basic skills, expert assistance are other services we provide. We are also an approved test center for, among other things, the Data Card and the boat driving test.


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