Reference: SLO2020-002
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2020-12-31
Expiration date: 2023-12-31
Scope of Services: Zaposlitvena rehabilitacija (ZR) Socialna vključenost (SV)
Number of Service Users: 103
Number of Staff members: 9
Overall score:

Address: Jadranska Ulica 22,
2250 ,
Contact Person: Darja Dovečar


Our commitment is Lifelong learning for all and for anyone who likes to learn and accept changing world in which he lives. We create and co-create the conditions for quality of life in the new personal, business or community situations. They create an environment that allows individual uniqueness, community and higher added value. We focus on individuals and groups, to develop their personal responsibility, reliability and better tomorrow.

Our values

Our vision and mission are based on the values that we announce in our daily work:

-Responsibility for oneself, others and nature

-Reliability of the individual and society

-Trust in people

-Honesty in communication and management

-Response to changes and innovations

-Positivity in the adoption of the different circumstances and diversity

Implementation of our programs is based on an integrated approach to the individual, the individual treatment and professional experiential adventure work in small groups in which we try using role playing, simulations, psycho drama, and interaction techniques to encourage higher quality communication, influence on increasing self-confidence and positive self-image and contribute to greater sociability, personal growth and maturation.

Description in native language:

Zavod Vitis je bil ustanovljen leta 2003, pred tem pa je pod okriljem Zavoda Papilot, s sedežem v Ljubljani, deloval od leta 1995 na območju Ptuja na področju izobraževanja in svetovanja. Od leta 2006 je Zavod Vitis izbrani koncesionar Ministrstva za delo, družino in socialne zadeve na področju izvajanja storitev zaposlitvene/poklicne rehabilitacije, po naročilu Zavoda RS za zaposlovanje, Zavoda za pokojninsko in invalidsko zavarovanje in posameznih podjetij. Prav tako je Zavod Vitis od leta 2006 koncesionar  Ministrstva za delo, družino in socialne zadeve za izvajanje programa Socialne vključenosti. Zavod Vitis  sodeluje v aktualnih projektih na področju zaposlovanja, rehabilitacije in izobraževanja.