Invalidsko podjetje Posočje d.o.o.

Reference: SLO2021-002
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2021-10-11
Expiration date: 2024-10-11
Scope of Services: zaposlitvena rehabilitacija in socialna vključenost
Number of Service Users: 70 – ZR, 20 - SV
Number of Staff members: 7 – ZR, 5 - SV
Overall score:

Address: Poljubinj 89 C,
5220 ,
Contact Person: Meta Grinvalds


Invalidsko podjetje Posočje d.o.o. is company whose aim is to provide employment opportunities, quality work, equal treatment and effective social inclusion to persons with disabilities in Posočje region and enabling their successful reintegration into the labour market and society.

Company is active in many areas of work, the most important of which are cleaning services, assembly and packaging services, “green program” which includes maintaining public areas such as parks, gardens, playgrounds, graveyards etc. We produce and sell wax candles and battery operated grave candles. We also cultivate and sell certified organic plants and seeds for home gardening.

We deliver services in fields of employment rehabilitation, vocational training and social integration.