EQUASS certification: Accountability for measured outcomes

Workshop of EPR Annual Conference, Dublin on 10 June 2013

The EQUASS outcome measurement workshop took place during the EPR Annual Conference in Dublin on 10 June 2013. The workshop showed in a practical way how the EQUASS system can be used in daily practice for outcome measurement and that the EQUASS certification will contribute to the accountability of social services.

During the workshop the participants experienced the challenge of identifying and defining relevant and valid Key Performance Indicators for measuring outcomes and to be used in the EQUASS certification scheme. Participants also experienced the variation of outcome measurement information in different sectors and different contexts/countries. Participants learnt how the outcome measurement information can be applied in bench learning and bench marking exercises.

Guus van Beek, EQUASS key Expert, in collaboration with Geir Moen, EQUASS Consultant and Auditor, led the workshop. The overall quality of the workshop was evaluated as 4,4 out of 5 by the participants, with 1 meaning “very poor” and 5 meaning “excellent”.