Rysteg AS

Reference: NO2017-090
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2012)
Certification date: 2017-12-24
Expiration date: 2019-12-24
Scope of Services: -VTA -AFT

Number of Service Users: 30
Number of Staff members: 13
Overall score:

Address: Kyrkjegata,
Contact Person: Håvard Rosnes
Email: havard@rysteg.no


Rysteg AS is an organisation that aims to respond to the need for rehabilitation and job tranining for inner Ryfylke. This occurs for the Nav services offices in Sauda and Suldal. The organisation was the result of a merge between Sauda Bedriftsservice AS and Senit arbeids- og kompetansebygging As, in May 23. 2010. In creating Rysteg As, the objective was to safeguard the necessary employment measures, as well as item production and jobs for people in need of rehabilitation or job training.

Rysteg AS has 30 peoples on job training at any time as well as 13 ordinary employees. Some people in job training are placed in one of their 3 departments, and others are in job training with other organisations in Sauda or Suldal.

The objective of the company is to produce and sell goods and services.

In addition, Rysteg AS will assist public authorities and private companies with occupational rehabilitation of persons. This will be done in co-operation with NAV, Sauda and Suldal (Norw. Labor – and Welfare Dept.). Rysteg AS is in charge of labour training and assisting in equiping people with work qualifications/skills. Rehabilitation is the primary task of Rysteg AS.

Description in native language:

Produksjon og salg av varer og tjenester. I tillegg skal Rysteg A/S bistå offentlige og private bedrifter med yrkesrettet attføring i samarbeid med NAV i Sauda og Suldal. Rysteg AS skal søke å tilrettelegge for arbeidstrening og andre arbeidskvalifiserende tiltak. Attføringsvirksomheten er selskapets primære virksomhet.


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