Eskilstuna kommun

Reference: SE2016-001
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2012)
Certification date: 2017-01-12
Expiration date: 2019-01-12
Scope of Services: Kriebsensgatan Ekebyvägen, rehab- och utredningsboende
Number of Service Users: 20
Number of Staff members: 16
Overall score:

Address: Alva Myrdalsgata,
63220, Södermanland,
Contact Person: Sara Morgan


We are one department within a big organization in Eskilstuna municipality. Eskilstuna Municipality gives services to elderly people, children in need, families, economic support, schools, and support to people with disabilities etc.

Our department is Social psychiatry and Daily activities. Our clients are people with psychological disabilities, cognitive and intellectual disabilities. We work with rehabilitation, daily activities and social services for this target group. We have sheltered housing, supported housing and daily activities and “work-rehabilitation”. We work together with the client to give him or her the support they need, the support is based on a “decision aid” from an assistance officer. The support can be regarding everything in day to day life, including healthcare, shopping, nutrition, going to daily activities etc. Our clients are all over eighteen years old.

Our department works with approximately 800 clients and consists of 15 sheltered housing units, 3 teams that works with supported housing and several units that works with daily activities. Two sheltered housing units are the scope of application; they have a total of nineteen clients. Ekebyvägen is a rehabilitation and investigation unit where we help the assistance officer in their investigation of a client’s needs of support, and to train functions for a more independent life. Our mission is also inclusion in society. Ekebyvägen has staff from both the municipality and from the county council and the total staff of 9 people, full time and two persons that works during night part time. Kriensensgatan is a sheltered home, where you live as long as you need our support, of course we always works towards clients being as independent as they can be. Kriebsensgatan has a staff of 6 people, full time.

Each unit has a quality assurance coordinator that is ensuring that every client gets his or hers needs met, by the decision aid.