EQUASS in 2020!

17 January

I hope all of our readers have had a good start to the year. In the EQUASS team we are in full organising mode for 2020.

One of the first activities undertaken is a review of the EQUASS core documents. Following a consultation of stakeholders, Sarah Vansimpsen, Michael Crowley and Isabel Silva will work to take the feedback on board; ensuring our documentation is as clear and user-friendly as possible. The new documents will be made available at the start of February.

We plan auditor and consultancy training courses in different parts of Europe in 2020, see below for more information. EQUASS will also feature at various promotional events organised by EPR.

We will continue to work with our Local License Holders to support their work in promoting and growing EQUASS in their respective countries. We are also moving to a new approach, where they will be called EQUASS National Representatives, or ENR; where the activities and tasks of these essential actors are clearly defined and the relationship between them and EPR is deepened. We will also be exploring opportunities to connect to new markets.

In the meantime, check out what's been happening in the past few months below.
Laura Jones, EPR Secretary General, for the EQUASS Team
Michael Crowley, Laura Jones, Ronald Schollaart, Sarah Vansimpsen