MTÜ Lõuna-Eesti Erihooldusteenuste Keskus

Reference: EE2019-006
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2019-05-14
Expiration date: 2022-05-14
Scope of Services: Igapäevaelu toetamine, toetatud elamine, töötamise toetamine, kogukonnas elamine, ööpäevaringne erihooldusteenus, sotsiaalne rehabilitatsioon, tööalane rehabilitatsioon
Number of Service Users: 250
Number of Staff members: 70
Overall score:

Address: Võrumaa, Võru vald,
Meegomäe küla,
Contact Person: Kaja Solom



NGO "South-Estonia Special Care Center" was founded in 2004. Its aim is to support and provide patient-centered care for adults suffering from mental health disorders. The NGO offers special care services and rehabilitation services for adults who are in need for support in everyday lives. Individuals are supported in personal growth, right to well-being and service users are treated respectfully.

Services are offered in several ways and places. The office of NGO "South-Estonia Special Care Center" is located in the village of Meegomäe.
First of all there is a twenty-four-hour special care service which is located in the village of Meegomäe (~ 5km from city of Võru). It means that patients basically are living in so called residential-care homes, it is a long-term care, as they are unable to care for their daily needs and need round-the-clock supervision. State of health varies from one individual to another.

Secondly NGO has a work and activity center "Mosaiik" (located in city of Võru). "Mosaiik" offers a wide range of services: everyday life support, supported living and working services. Service users participate in so called protected employment programmes. It means that an individual with decreased working ability can work within the boundaries of proper abilities, at the appropriate pace, in a disability-friendly environment, that provides the necessary guidance, advice and assistance. Some of the work duties are: sewing, working with paper, rug making.

Thirdly; the NGO has aseparate place for persons who participate in everyday life support services (located in village of Meegomäe). Service itself, means that, service users are provided with separate rooms to live in. Besides that, service users have support in learning social skills and developing communication skills. There are activities aimed at taking care of health issues and coping with everyday practicalities (e.g. cooking, cleaning). Also free-time management is an important issue.