Hamarøy Vekst AS

Reference: NO2019-013
Type: EQUASS Assurance (2018)
Certification date: 2019-03-26
Expiration date: 2022-03-26
Scope of Services: VTA
Number of Service Users: 11
Number of Staff members: 3
Overall score:

Address: Postboks 37,
8298, Nordland,
Contact Person: Åslaug Solem
Email: aslaug.solem@hamaroyvekst.no



Hamarøy Vekst is a small company that is located in a small village. They have been an enterprise for 11 years. The company offers specially adapted workplaces for VOCs in the VTA category (Permanently organized work) in the district on behalf of the public authorities. Services and products produced by the occupationally disabled persons are sold in the ordinary market, so that the company has a healthy economic development. They depend on having a relatively high sales income in addition to support from NAV and the municipality.


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