Call for Good Practices: Rights and Ethics in social services

As part of its ongoing framework agreement with EaSI, the European Union’s Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) has tasked the EQUASS unit to study on the topic “Rights and Ethics in Practice in European Social Services of General Interest”. This report will showcase diverse practices that have a verified and sustained impact on the lives of persons served.

This study will lead to the publication of a compendium of good practices pertaining to the principles of Rights and Ethics, as outlined in the Voluntary European Quality Framework (VEQF) for SSG as well as the two quality principles "Rights" and "Ethics" that our partners and certified organisations know so well.

We are calling on our partners and certified social service providers across Europe to send us their good practices, in relation to:

• Supporting service users or their representatives, families, or carers in understanding their rights and how to practice those rights, or
• Promoting the right to access community-based services, or
• Promoting the right to self-advocacy, or
• Promoting and raising awareness on confidentiality and privacy issues in social service delivery, or
• Detecting, preventing or addressing abuse of service users in social services


More information on this call and what constitues an eligible submission can be found here: pdfProcess and criteria for selection

The submission form can be downloaded here: docSubmission of good practice

Deadline for submissions: 11/08/17
Send your submissions to


The objective of this call is to identify and select a series of good practices in the implementation of the principles of rights and ethics in social services. Specifically EPR and its panel members would like to showcase diverse practices that have a verified and sustained impact on the lives of persons served.

Through this selections of practices, the study aims to inform policy makers and funders about successful existing programmes that could be scaled up or exported to other contexts in social services.


  • Compendium of a selection of the practices, 
  • Analysis of the compendium with recommendations for policy-makers and funders
  • A conference (EPR Public Affairs event) on November 16th 2017 where the results and its analysis will be presented

How will the practices be selected?

Key Criteria:

• Impact
• Involvement (co-creation) of service users and their representatives
• Transferability

Additional criteria

• Diversity of practice

Find out more in our document: pdfProcess and criteria for selection

Who can submit a practice?

Each practice is submitted in the name of the organisation or group that has developed or implemented it, such as:

  • a social service provider
  • an association
  • a social action group
  • a public entity

Social Services of General Interest were defined in a 2011 European Commission communication. For the purpose of this study, we are accepting submission from associations, organisations and social action groups providing person-centred services in the fields of elderly care, childcare, services to persons who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, services to persons with a disability, poverty alleviation and social inclusion programmes, labour inclusion services and vocational education and training for persons at risk of exclusion from the labout market.

Who will select the practices?

A panel comprised of representatives of Inclusion Europe, AGE Platform Europe and the European Network on Independent Living will be supporting the European Platfom for Rehabilitation and its supporting expert in the selection of the practices to be featured in the compendium, as well as in the November 16th Conference.

Why should my organisation submit a practice?

When a submission is featured in our compendium, it helps inform policy makers and funders on successful existing programmes that could be scaled up or exported to other contexts.

Other service providers might be interested to export your practice to their organisation, across EU borders and in other areas of our social sector.

We will publicise the selected practices and the organisations they emerge from through a printed report and our European Conference on November 16th 2017. Some of the selected organisations will be invited to present their practice at that conference, where they can interact with EU policy advisers and other social actors.

Contact details:

EPR Secretariat - Marie Dubost

Deadline: 11th August 2017


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